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The low price guarantee saved me over a hundred dollars over the competition.

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Carpet Cleaning In Phoenix

By far the best pet treatment service. Pet urine stains are completely gone and the house smells like new again.

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What makes us so popular in the valley? We use our proprietary cleaning detergents and solvents coupled with state-of-the-art truck-mounted hot water extraction machines. First time-clients recieve 10% off!

Our methods have been proven to eliminate stubborn stains and even lingering pet odors. Customers rejoice when we finish a service, because their home is revived to smelling fresh and becoming cleaner. If you are looking for a carpet cleaner in Phoenix, Arizona or surrounding cities, you are going to love our work - period. See the difference and set an appointment today.

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Same Day Cleaning

Working 7 days a week, our friendly staff and cleaning crew can offer same day Phoenix carpet cleaning service. We know busy work schedules, unexpected guests and emergencies. Even when moving out, real estate rule #1 is don't sell a smelly house. With our mobile friendly website we can come right away.

We are proud of all long-lasting relationships, that is why each service is guaranteed 100% for both commercial and residential. Neato is forever on top of training and attaining the best cleaning solvents to ensure a perfect clean at our low price guarantee.

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Uh-Oh! Spills

Stain Cleaning Tips

From new to old stubborn ones. Here is a quick solution to try; gather 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, 2 cups of warm-to-the-touch water, any clean sponge, clean cloth towel and fresh baking soda.

Applies a thin even coat of baking soda of the stain and scrub with a lightly damp sponge. Once you think you scrubbed enough, with your clean towel apply light pressure to the moisture so that naturally you can reduce the spot wetness. Once complete dried-to-the-touch, vacuum over the stain and witness the results. If stains seem impossible to clean, don't panic our professionals will get the job done promptly at a low price.

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Our Popular Services Can Cover Your Entire Home Or Commercial Office

Advanced Carpet Cleaning

We are exceptionally proud of our original service since our establishment. Due to high popularity and great success, we are honored to continue to serve the valley of the sun with passion and responsibility. Commercial or residential - Neato can do it.

Quick Stain Removal

We call these "Uh-Oh" spills. Common for their unexpected timing, beverages, food and ink are all stains that we are experts in. No matter the fabric type of carpet, we carefully handle each situation in full force while preserving the fabric fibers and colors.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Dirty grout and tile is a thing of the past with us. Our tile and grout cleaning Phoenix services yield far better results than any kind of abrasion done by hand. To get the like-new clean, we only use high-grade machines and Eco-friendly grade solvents.

Pet Treatment Stains

We love our pets but the stains that follow a messy dog or one that is potty trained can damage any flooring. The urea in urine and variations in dog stools can degrade color and spread an odor. Our solutions dry in less time than any competitor.

Odor Removal Eliminator

Most home owners can not distinguish if their home is stinky due to being use to their environment. But for situations that are caused by pet waste, food remnants and purchased produce can simply be eliminated with Neato's unique solutions.

Area Rugs, Drapery & Upholstery

To get the proper cleaning, one has to be certified and educated on how to handle even the most delicate fabrics. We enhance all fibers by eliminating debris, dirt and particles with a fast yet effective approach by our certified team and machines.

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