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Area Rugs

Area Rug Cleaning PhoenixArea rugs provide both aesthetic and practical purposes in the home. As much as we all love hardwood and tile floors they can have some drawbacks. In the winter time when the floors become chilly and your kids are all wearing fuzzy socks, running around the house slipping and sliding everywhere. Or your voice echoing over all the hardwood surfaces making your home sound empty. Area rugs need to be cared for just as much, if not more than your carpet. At Neato Carpet Care in Phoneix we provide professional area rug cleaning. We also offer tile and grout cleaning in Peoria and Surprise as well as upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning

We know there’s a lot of DIY carpet cleaners and stain removers but they’re not always effective or safe for all carpet materials. And while these solutions may work for small surface stains on normal carpet it is best to call the professionals when dealing with area rugs. Area rugs can be more of a challenge to clean because unlike carpets they are not affixed to the floor which can make vacuuming them difficult.

Area Rug Services

  • Remove Debris:The first step to any area rug cleaning is shaking out all of the loose debris.
  • Color Test: Patterns and colors make area rugs worth it. To preserve the design and look, we make sure we
  • Deodorize: We remove odors from cigarettes and pets that tend to sink deeply into carpet fibers, so you can have a fresh-smelling rug
  • Hot Water Extraction:The same process we use for delicately lifting stains from carpet can also be applied to our area rug cleaning process.

Types of Rugs We Clean

  • Persian
  • Oriental
  • Wool
  • Synthetic
  • Cotton
  • Jute
  • Olefin

Carpet Stains

  • Candle wax
  • Wine
  • Coffee

  • Cooking oil
  • Nail polish
  • Mustard

Area Rug Cleaning Service Phoenix

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