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Area Rug Cleaning Surprise AZ

Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs add a certain elegance to the interior design of a room. But after a while those vibrant colors can fade because the carpet fibers become coated with dirt and debris. Area rugs are easy to pick up and shake off but the loose debris isn’t the problem it’s all the oils and dirt on the fibers that are the issue. When oil gets onto carpet fibers it allows the dirt and dust to stick and form a coating that does not come off easily. Vacuuming can help break up some of it but it won’t be able to loosen and remove all the dirt and oil. That is where we come in.

At Neato Carpet Care near Surprise, we provide professional cleaning services designed to make our customer’s lives easier. We offer upholstery cleaning, tile and grout, and carpet cleaning!

Area Rug Cleaning Color Dye Test

Area Rug Cleaning SurpriseArea rugs are notorious for their vibrant, ornate designs and patterns. That is why we take the utmost care in preserving them. Before we just jump into shampooing and washing your rug we want to ensure it is safe. By performing a color test on your area rug it allows us to see what precautions and extra steps need to be taken. The process of a color test is quite simple; first we take a white towel and soak it in the cleaning detergent that we would be using then we place it over a small section of your rug and weigh it down. After leaving the towel there for a period of time we can check for any dye bleeding. Dye bleeding is when the color from your rug fibers release their dye and cause it to bleed into other sections of your rug. This could cause colors to fade and mix and distort the look of your rug. To prevent this from happening we do a color test and if there is dye bleeding present we will pre-treat your rug with a special solvent that will prevent the dye from bleeding during the cleaning process.

Area Rugs Steam Cleaning

Neato Carpet Care professionals use high quality equipment to ensure effective cleaning with gentle techniques that protect your rugs and carpets. We utilize high amounts of steam to really get deep into the carpet fibers. Using steam for carpet cleaning is the key. What the steam does is really help soften up that crusted on dirt and oil and allow us to shampoo and wash it away.

Pet Stains Carpet Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning Service SurpriseWe know that cute little Rex is adorable and a great addition to the family. Unfortunately potty training puppies or other animals can result in a few accidents here and there. Removing pet stains and odors is not the easiest thing in the world either. Especially with all those products on the shelves that claim to remove all stains and odors but they never really meet the mark. That is because all those chemicals in that spray bottle or can aren’t the most effective at truly removing the problem. Most of the odor removing products just cover it with perfumed scents. Once Rex is potty trained and you’re looking around at your carpet, seeing all the spots and blotches you know it’s time to call Neato and get those stains and smells permanently removed.

Neato Carpet Care

The team members at Neato Carpet Care are the kind of people you would trust to clean your carpets and rugs. Because we take extra steps to guarantee it’s done right and it’s done well. We want our customers to be so happy with our services that they are recommending us to all their friends!

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