Will Carpet Cleaning Get Rid of Fleas?

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Can Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Fleas?

Yes, professional carpet cleaning can remove fleas. While fleas aren’t a problem for many Phoenix homeowners due to the arid climate, they still thrive in certain conditions, such as lush grass lawns and on the backs of rodents. So, though you may not expect it, you may find yourself with a flea infestation when the weather and conditions coincide. If you have indoor pets, a flea infestation can quickly turn from an inconvenience to a nightmare. While professional carpet cleaning will remove fleas, there are other steps to ensure the eradication of the outbreak.

Can Fleas Survive Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Both professional carpet and upholstery cleaning remove adult fleas, their waste, and some of their eggs from your belongings. Keep in mind that while steam cleaning can kill mature fleas and remove them from the carpet, it’s much more challenging to remove young fleas (larvae) and their eggs. If just one egg is left behind, that egg can hatch and develop into an adult flea that lays up to 50 eggs a day! So, if only one insect survives the professional carpet cleaning, you may find yourself with another infestation in just a few weeks.

How To Effectively Remove Fleas From Your Carpet and Home

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Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is just one of the steps involved in ridding your home of an infestation. Call Neato Carpet Care today to set your appointment!

To effectively eradicate a flea infestation from your home, there are multiple steps to the process. Fleas are annoying. They are only 2.5 millimeters long on average, but they can jump as far as a foot! Their life cycle is, on average, 18 to 21 days. Fleas prefer warm climates, but their larvae can remain dormant for months while waiting for better conditions, which is why it’s so critical that you treat your home thoroughly to get rid of these pests!

1. Vacuum Everything

Before you hire a professional carpet cleaner, such as our team here at Neato Carpet Care, make sure to use a vacuum on every surface possible in your house. Fleas love to hide in cracks between couch cushions and other tight spaces. A vacuum with a bag works best so that you can throw away the contents. Use it on the carpets, upholstery, curtains, and mattresses in the home.

2. Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Have a professional carpet cleaner come to your home and professionally clean your carpets. The high heat of the steam cleaner combined with the soap will likely kill any adult fleas and some larvae and eggs. Make sure to let the carpet cleaner know about areas your pets tend to favor, as those spots may need extra attention.

3. Wash All Bedding (Including Pet Bedding)

Make sure to wash all bedding in the home, including all of the pets’ bedding, in hot water. When you run the bedding through the dryer, choose the highest temperature setting. If the infestation is severe enough, you may need to consider getting rid of the old bedding entirely.

4. Use a Chemical Treatment

Arrange for the pets to be out of the home for this step. Spray an aerosol insecticide that contains chemicals intended to kill both adults and larvae. Animals and humans should avoid pesticide until it has dried. Make sure you wear gloves when applying the spray, and only spray when the house is empty of both family and pets.

How To Remove Fleas From Your Yard

While removing the fleas from your home is a chore in itself, those fleas came from somewhere. Check your yard for places that fleas would like to hide: shady, humid, and warm spots. Pay attention to areas where your pets like to lie down.

1. Mow the Lawn Regularly and Rake the Leaves

Keeping your yard clean and tidy goes a long way toward controlling a flea problem. Fleas love long grass. Ensuring that all debris, such as leaves and twigs, are removed from the grass. Try to expose shady spots to the sun, if possible.

2. Spread Cedar Chips

Make sure to lay down cedar chips in the yard where your pet likes to hang out and under bushes.

3. Consider Nematodes

Visit a gardening center and inquire about nematodes, which can be useful for eating parasite eggs and removing fleas from the yard.

How To Remove Fleas From Your Pet

We said that fleas were annoying, right? There are multiple steps to rid your home of fleas. If your pet has fleas, you should do the following:

1. Wash Bedding

We’ve already mentioned that washing your pets’ bedding is essential to ridding your home of fleas. To be safe, wash the bedding in hot water every few days after treating the rest of your home.

2. Bathe Your Pets

Use a flea shampoo or another natural remedy for bathing your pet and ridding them of any fleas. Consider a pet shampoo that contains pyrethrin, a chemical extracted from chrysanthemum flowers.

3. Comb Your Pet With a Flea Comb

Comb your pet thoroughly with a flea comb. Dunk the comb into hot soapy water to get them out of the comb and your pet’s fur. Pay close attention to the neck, ears, and tail.

4. Contact Your Veterinarian

Choose a flea remedy that will work for you and your pet. Some animals respond well to oral treatment, while others may require a natural topical treatment.

How Can Neato Carpet Care Help?

Neato Carpet Care is a family-owned and operated business with an expansive service area in Phoenix and its surrounding cities. The team members have decades of combined experience in the professional carpet cleaning industry. If you find yourself with a flea infestation, give us a call to get started on treatment!



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