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A brand new carpet loses its freshness and original appearance over the course of weeks. What started out as a white or beige carpet can quickly turn dirty when shoes introduce dust, dirt, oils, and other stains into the fibers. That’s why you need carpet cleaning to refresh your carpet and return it to its original look and feel.

At Neato Carpet Care, our name says it all: we care about the quality, sensation, and appeal of a clean and spotless carpet. Our carpet cleaning service takes care of commercial and residential properties, and our services range from steam cleaning to stain removal, our carpet cleaners work fast to restore your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Service: Our Methods

If your carpet looks dirty or has a stubborn stain, there are two things you shouldn’t do:

  • One: Don’t lose hope or replace it with a costly new roll of carpet.
  • Two: Don’t rely only on household cleaning products. While some stains can be removed with ease, other problems like long-term grease, candle wax, or red stains can be harder to extract without professional help.

Instead, hiring the pros at Neato Carpet Care for commercial or Residential properties.

Commercial Buildings

We clean thousands of square feet of carpet in office buildings, apartments, and other commercial properties. And we work fast! Our cleaning service steams, rinses, and dries carpet at the speed of 1,000 square feet per hour. In other words, your 10,000 square-foot office can have a fresh, spotless carpet in 10 hours!

Residential Homes

Our cleaners do a thorough job removing furniture and vacuuming every nook and cranny before going to work on restoring your carpet. Steam is the main ingredient we use to clean your carpet, followed by a rinse and dry.
Our stain removal service attacks and extracts any spots, spills, or deeply ingrained dirt and oils to reveal the fresh carpet you bought from day one.

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About Us

For over two decades, the owners of Neato Carpet Care have learned everything there is to know about carpet cleaning, stain removal, and restoring upholstry. A family owned and operated business since 2015, Neato Carpet Care serves the West Valley and greater metropolitan Phoenix area.

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