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Drapery Cleaning Phoenix AZ

Drapery Cleaning in Phoenix

The drapes might be the last place homeowners think about when cleaning the house. Yet every year, your drapes and curtains collect pounds of dust and allergens from your window. Neato Carpet Care offers complete drapery cleaning services in Phoenix that will both improve the air quality of your home and give you your money’s worth. We also provide area rug, tile and grout, and carpet cleaning in Peoria, Phoenix, and Surprise!

While household vacuum cleaners may suck out some of the dust, other problems linger in the folds of your drapes. In homes where people smoke indoors, drapes discolor, trap odors, and collect grime from cigarette smoke over only a short period of time. For pet owners, it’s common for fleas or mites to live in the folds. And allergens from the windows only add to the gunk.

The best way to keep a dust-free room is to regularly clean your drapes.

Hiring Neato Carpet Care to clean your drapes, you’ll see and smell a significant difference. Not only do we vacuum your drapes, we also wash them with detergent and return them to you, looking like the drapes you bought on day one. Drapery Cleaning Phoenix

  • Reduce the dust and allergens for better air quality inside your home
  • Extract stains from cigarette smoke or pet urine
  • Eliminate pests, i.e. fleas, mites, spiders, or other insects before they spread elsewhere

Our cleaners have a multi-step process for deep-cleaning drapery, curtains, and blinds to look like new.

  • Vacuuming dust from drapes, curtains, and blinds
  • Dry cleaning and other treatments specified to the type of fabric

About Our Drapery Cleaners

Drapery Cleaning Services PhoenixSince 2015, Neato Carpet Care has made a name for itself as the go-to commercial and residential cleaning service for carpet, drapes, upholstery, and tile. Centrally located in Phoenix and servicing the west valley, Neato Carpet Care sets the standard in steam cleaning and stain removal, cleaning and drying 1000 square feet of carpeting per hour.

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