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Quality Tile and Grout Cleaning for Phoenix

Tile and Grout Cleaning PhoenixTile flooring provides a sophisticated look to bathrooms, kitchens or patios. Yet grout and tile floors are one of the most difficult surfaces to clean and when not done properly can cause more damage than good. Everyone wants their floor to look nice especially when you’re expecting visitors. And nothing will have your floors more guest-ready than a professional cleaning treatment by Neato Carpet Care in Phoenix.¬†Don’t stress about trying to get your floors scrubbed and cleaned in time, leave the hard work to us. We will take care of everything for you. In additiont to our professional tile cleaning services, we also offer carpet, upholstery, area rug, and drapery cleaning in Phoenix!

Professional Tile Cleaning

At Neato Carpet Care, our experts know exactly what your tile needs to look brand new again. While other companies may use substandard cleaning products, brushes, and towels; our team takes tile and grout cleaning to the next level. We use powerful equipment that extracts dirt and grime quickly while being gentle enough to prevent damage to the material. This allows us to get the best clean possible while maintaining the quality of your floors.

Immaculate Tile and Grout

Want to know the key to our success? Our top of the line equipment that we use for every job and our team of knowledgeable experts who care about the quality work they provide. At Neato our goal is to provide you with the best tile cleaning service ever. That way when your neighbors come over and compliment you on your immaculately clean floors we want you to tell them it was Neato Carpet Care!

No Wait Tile Cleaning

Everyone hates that moment when you finish mopping the floor, you’re admiring how clean it is when you realize you need something from that room. The floor is still wet and if you walk across it now you’ll leave a bunch of footprints. It takes a really long time for the water on the floor to evaporate and it can also leave behind streak marks. When you choose Neato Carpet Care our professionals wash, scrub, and dry your tile floor quickly. There’s no wait time for a perfectly cleaned floor.

Tile Stain Removal

Tile and Grout Cleaning Service PhoenixWe all make messes from time to time and in family homes those messes are little more frequent. When your tile went from sparkling white to an abstract Picasso floor painting you know it’s time for a cleaning. When tile and grout become stained household cleaners and some elbow grease can only do so much. And cleaning your entire floor is hard on your knees and back, not to mention time consuming. It doesn’t matter what kind of tile flooring you have if stains have developed over the years give us a call! There are many things that can stain tile but luckily the team members at Neato know how to remove them all!

  • Oil
  • Dirt
  • Mold

  • Scuff Mark
  • Nail polish
  • Hard Water Stains

Call Neato for Tile and Grout Cleaning

Neato Carpet Care is a family-owned and operated company since 2015. We strive to serve the greater Phoenix area and west valley. We offer a range of services beyond carpet cleaning, but our goal is always the same; to restore your carpet, tile, upholstery, and drapery to their original and pristine state. Our team always provides the highest quality work possible to ensure all of our customers are satisfied after each visit.

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