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Grout and tile provide beautiful accents to bathrooms, kitchens, and even a backyard walkway. Yet tile flooring is also one of the most difficult–and delicate–surfaces to clean. And when left to an amateur, cleaning grout and tile could do more damage than good.

The best way to get professional tile and grout cleaning and a much need refresh is to call Neato Carpet Care. Not only are we a carpet cleaning service, but we also clean tile and grout with specialized equipment and a professional degree of care and precision.

At Neato Carpet Care, our experts know exactly what your tile needs to look and feel new again. While others use household cleaning products, brushes, and rags, our professionals take grout level of cleaning and powerful equipment extract dirt and grime from tile and grout quickly.

New-Looking Tile and Grout: How Do We Do It?

Our methods of tile and grout depend as much on our highly specialized equipment as our high degree of care and attention to detail.

  • We use over 1000 psi of pressurized steam to extract dirt, oils, and grime.
  • We hand-scrub the grout line for a detailed finish.

The Result: The look and feel of brand new tile, without the need of an expensive replacement.

Hiring Neato to Clean Your Tile and Grout is Better for Your Time and Money Than Doing It Yourself.

When tile and grout to get stained, household cleaners and elbow grease can only do so much. Even cleaning a tile surface once a week can be hard on your knees and back, not to mention time consuming and expensive.

In Kitchens: oil and sauces become ingrained into the countertop tile or flooring.

In Bathrooms: mold, dirt, oils, and other grime stain the floor and walls.

Outside: dirt and animal feces can reduce the look of a tile walkway in your front yard or backyard.

When you go with Neato Carpet Care, our professionals wash, scrub, and dry your tile quickly. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied by a job well done.

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Neato Carpet Care, a family-owned and -operated company since 2015, exists to serve the greater Phoenix area and west valley. We offer a wide range of services beyond carpet cleaning, but our goals are always the same: to restore your carpet, tile, upholstery, and drapery to their original and pristine state.

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