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Upholstery Cleaning Peoria AZ

Cleaning Upholstery for Peoria Residences and Businesses

New upholstery can quickly collect dust, stains, and oils. And parts of the furniture like armrests and seats become more and more difficult to extract stains from over time. The fibers of upholstery–cotton, wool, synthetic, or other material–can become unsightly if stains aren’t treated quickly.

The solution is simple: Hire a professional to clean your upholstery. At Neato Carpet Care near Peoria, we go above and beyond our main calling as a carpet cleaning service. We provide the best upholstery cleaning to Peoria and elsewhere in Phoenix’s west valley, to homes and businesses alike, satisfaction guaranteed. Additionally we offer tile and grout, carpet, and area rug cleaning in Suprise, Peoria, and Phoenix!

When Do I Need to Clean My Upholstery?

Upholstery Cleaning Peoria
Gradually, upholstery on a couch or chair accumulates dust, stains, and oils. Here are the common stains seen on furniture fabric:

  • Armrest upholstery may turn brown from skin contact and mixing dust with body oil
  • Seat upholstery may be vulnerable to spills or drips from sauces, coffee, wine, or other liquids.
  • Back upholstery can absorb sweat, oil, and dust, which over time discolors fabric
  • For cat owners, urine stains are especially difficult to fully extract without the help of our professionals
  • For residents sensitive to allergens, upholstery can hold a lot dust and pollen coming from the window

If you notice that your furniture has lost its freshness and color, call a professional upholstery cleaner at Neato Carpet Care today.

Upholstery Cleaning: Our Care and Process

Upholstery comes in all different patterns, colors, and types of fiber. And for every unique type of upholstery, there’s a specific way to clean and refresh it.

At Neato Carpet Care, we refresh your upholstered furniture–chairs, sofas, couches, and more–so that they look clean and feel just like they did the day you bought them.

The methods we use:

Upholstery Cleaning Services Peoria
Before we start our cleaning process, our experts test the fibers of the upholstery to ensure that your furniture gets only the best cleaning care. Every type of upholstery material requires different treatment. We use different cleaning agents and water temperatures for synthetic, wool, silk, and other fibers.

  • Mild, non-corrosive detergents
  • Cold or warm water rinse
  • Rubber bristles for a non-abrasive scrub

About Us

Neato Carpet Care has earned a lasting reputation throughout Phoenix metropolitan and the west valley. For more than 20 years, the founders of Neato Carpet Care have earned the experience, knowledge, and expertise to use the best cleaning equipment and methods in the industry.

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