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Upholstery Cleaning PhoenixUpholstery–the covering on your armchairs, couches, sofas, and kitchen chairs–is what sets new-looking furniture apart from old, stained, and uninviting seats. And while some Do-It-Yourself upholstery cleaning methods may be good for small touch-ups, none will be as effective as a professional upholstery cleaner’s work.

At Neato Carpet Care, we aren’t just a carpet cleaning service. We also apply the same level of care and attention to detail to your area rugs, chairs, couches, drapes and other furniture. Using mild detergents, water, and the softest bristles, we remove all kinds of deep stains usually found on armrests and seats of furniture. Here’s why upholstery matters, and how we clean it successfully.

Reasons for Cleaning Upholstery

The main reasons for cleaning your upholstery once or twice a year have to do with appearance and personal health.

Washed upholstery brightens your furniture and removes the stains that collect over time and fade the original color. Unwashed upholstery looks dingy and the fabric appears faded.

Allergens and Pests
Dust, pollen, and pet dander settle into the creases and surfaces of upholstery, which can trigger allergic reactions. The same can be said about mites, fleas, or other types of pests.

Our Method of Cleaning Upholstery

Upholstrey Cleaning Service PhoenixCleaning upholstery is a painstaking process. Some household cleaners, when applied to a stain on your couch or recliner, may cause bigger problems than the coffee stain or wine spill. Our cleaners not only know what fiber your upholstery is made of, but also know exactly what your upholstered furniture needs to lift the stain without any damage.

  • No Abrasions: Some stains require gentle scrubbing, which is why we use rubber bristle brushes to prevent abrasion. The result: your upholstery keeps its color and feel without losing fibers.
  • Care for Different Fibers:Whether your have wool, cotton, synthetic, or other upholstery, we know to use the right cleaning agents and water temperature.

About Neato Carpet Care

As a carpet cleaning company, Neato Carpet Care has been in the business of restoring carpets, drapes, and upholstery to their original, spotless state. Founded in 2015, Neato serves commercial and residential properties throughout the valley, in and around Phoenix. Call us for a free pre-inspection today!

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