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Upholstery Cleaning Service in Surprise

Upholstrey Cleaning SurpriseIt’s easy to spot the differences between clean versus dirty upholstery. The hard part is finding the best way to clean your upholstery on your own without damaging or discoloring the fabric even more. That’s why it’s better to leave upholstery cleaning to a professional from Neato Carpet Care.

At Neato Carpet Care near Surprise, we know best how to take care of your upholstery. Our gentle methods will refurbish the fabric of your chairs and couches until the furniture looks the way it did when you bought it. We provide a variety of other services as well to Phoenix and the surrounding areas. If you need area rug cleaning in Phoenix or Peoria give us a call!

Our Method:

We use non-abrasive rubber bristles and agents specified down to the very fiber of your upholstery.

Why Clean Upholstery Matters For Your Home

Clean upholstery is a simple detail that makes all the difference in a room’s cozy appearance. And furniture with clean upholstery looks, feels, and even smells more inviting to guests and loved ones.

The reasons for cleaning your upholstery are numerous. At Neato Carpet Cleaning, our job is to give your carpets, drapes, and upholstery the highest standard of cleanliness and health.

Upholstrey Cleaning Service Surprise, AZWe target the upholstery on couches, chairs, ottomans, and other places that can accumulate several pounds of dust over months. Yet dust isn’t the only problem:

  • The combination of dust with oil or sweat can cause deep stains in the fibers of your upholstery.
  • Pests, like mites or fleas can infest the padding or fabric of your upholstery..
  • Stains from coffee, wine, red sauce, or other common culprits look unsightly and embarrassing.

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Beginning in 2015, our company has since made a sterling reputation valley-wide, centrally located in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Neato Carpet Care is founded by two brothers with 20 years of experience in carpet cleaning and a passion for restorative cleaning services.

The workmanship and attention to detail we put into every cleaning job shows in the fibers. And our techniques for extracting stains, odors, and dust, set us apart from the rest of the competition.

For a free pre-inspection, call us today! You’ll witness firsthand our gentle approach to cleaning upholstery in Surprise residences and businesses.

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